Saturday, November 6, 2010

Publix, 11/6 -- 87% savings!

I had to try to take ADVANTAGE of the new Green Advantage flyer before all the good stuff was gone! I visited two Publix stores (aside from the one I went to this morning) and got some great deals.

Transaction #1 -- Gulf Breeze, FL
5 Sundown Vitamin D -- $2.99 each
1 Sundown tea tree oil -- $7.69
2 Sundown Vitamin A -- $3.29 each
2 Sundown Folic Acid -- $3.79 each
Used 9 $1 peelies (I gave 10, but the cashier only rang 9.)
Used 5 $6/2 Green Advantage flyer coupons
Paid: FREE for all 10, plus $2.20 overage!
1 Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate -- $2.50
1 Publix brand Oreo cookies -- $2.50
Pork country style ribs -- $3.36
1 Jet Puffed marshmallow fluff -- $1.99
1 mini Chips Ahoy single serving -- $.50
Total paid: $8.65
Total saved: $39.49
Percent saved: 82%
Transaction #2 -- Bayou Blvd., Pensacola, FL
8 Sundown vitamin D -- $2.99 each
Used 8 $1 peelies
Used 4 $6/2 Green Advantage flyer coupons
Paid: FREE for all 8, plus $8.08 overage!
3 Maruchan ramen noodles -- $.22 each or $.66 total
1 Heath mini bars -- $3.61
1 pt. Publix heavy cream -- $5.19
(Okay, why in the WORLD is this so expensive?)
Total paid: $1.66
Total saved: $32.00
Percent savings: 95% savings!
Grand Total: $10.31
Grand Total savings: $71.49
Grand Total percent saved: 87.4%


  1. I do not for the life of me understand why there are no spaces between items in these descriptions. For the past several posts, blogger has crammed it all together with no space in between. I promise that when I type all this up, I leave a blank line in between items. It's so confusing with it all crammed up. Sorry, friends.

  2. Way to go!

    I am hoping to get the green flyer and get the peelies to get the vitamin D. I went to CVS tonight to get Toy Story 3 - they were out and going through all the items I needed to buy to get the movie for 3.99, it seems that I would be spending a lot more than the deals I found earlier today in order to save a little bit of money - in the long run, not worth it. If I can find the vitamin deal you did and get the overage, the cost of the movie at Publix would only be about $7 or $8. Guess I will be making another trip to Publix, but not tonight! :)