Monday, November 29, 2010

My FlyLady Experiment, Monday, 11/29

UPDATED: 7:45 pm.
So, I know I've only worked for a few more minutes and have not come even close to getting a home blessing HOUR, but it's time to start getting the kiddos ready for bed, and I do have my other responsibilities to think of. So, I did a little dusting and got rid of the trash in the trash cans and that's all. But I have to say, it's about 30 minutes more of work than I put into the state of my house just a week ago. I updated this list of home blessing tasks below with what I accomplished since last update. The newest items/comments are in green.

Looking forward to tomorrow and the difference I can make in the home then! Tomorrow's tasks: Water and fertilize plants (All our plants are outdoors, and we've had a good rain today. I consider this task done!) . . . spend 15 minutes in the current zone. I know I could use 15 minutes at the desk in the living room!

UPDATED: 7:30 pm.
I just finished 10 minutes of vacuuming. I know I can't stop in between every task in the home blessing hour, but I just had to express my amazement at how much can get vacuumed in just 10 minutes! I did just the middles of the rooms, but I got the kids' room, the master bedroom and bathroom, the hallway, the hall bathroom, the entry way, the dining room, the kitchen and pantry area, and the living room (or most of it). That's almost the whole house! On a side note, I've begun to notice how much dust and clutter live on the edges of the rooms in my house. Gotta get out the rubba scrubba and clean those baseboards and edges before I vacuum next. Maybe I can get my kiddos to jump in there. They love to be helpers!

As for the rest of the home blessing hour:
Cull/toss magazines -- nah. I did this over the weekend, and am still pleased with the collection I have. Check back next week.
Empty all trash -- done!
Change sheets. Now I wish I'd done laundry today. I could have washed the sheets and could have been ready for this task. Instead, I have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday. Note to self: wash and change sheets on Wednesday or Thursday.
Mop kitchen and bath: Do I have to? Skipping it this week.
Clean mirrors and doors: I cleaned the mirrors this morning with my swish and swipe. Yes, the only mirrors we have are in the bathrooms. Clean the doors? I'm not sure how to go about this, but I'll give it a go. Skipped doors.
Feather dust furniture: I don't have a feather duster, but I'll see what I can do. I know this job desperately needs to be done, but I HATE dusting. I'll save it for last and hope I run out of time. :) I used a dryer sheet and dusted the pictures hanging in the dining room and living room and the furniture in the living room. I didn't move things around to dust; I just dusted the visible parts. I know this is less than desirable, but it's all I'm willing to give time to today.

Well, I've four tabs open on my laptop -- facebook, blogger, iheartpublix, and mycouponhunter. Facebook, so I can find the list of things to do for the weekly home blessing, since all I remember is vacuum for 10 minutes; blogger, so I can fill you in on how my experiment is coming along today; iheartpublix, because the new sneak peek is out and I want to make my weeekend shopping list tonight; mycouponhunter, because I need to get coupons for the weekend shopping trip.

I am most intrigued by the cookie mix this week. Only $.19 for 2 boxes of cookie mix!

Here's how I'm doing with housework today:

1. Did swish and swipe this morning before school.
2. Did NOT do laundry today because we just didn't need to! I'll do a load tomorrow, Lord willing, early in the morning so it comes out of the dryer before 7:00 a.m.!
3. Made dinner -- taco rice -- cheap and yummy!
4. Broom swept the kitchen and entry while dinner cooked. My wonderful husband took over when I wasn't even half done and finished it off for me. He's such a blessing.
5. Cleaned up after dinner. Kitchen work took about 10 minutes, and that includes scrubbing, drying, and treating my beloved cast-iron skillet.
6. About to do weekly home blessing (if I can find the list)
7. Then, school work for a while.

I'm determined to get to bed at a decent time tonight. For whatever reason, I was WIRED last night and had a hard time going to bed. I paid for it this morning by not wanting to get up, then having to rush around. Don't like that one bit, no I don't.

Meanwhile, my husband who is such a hard working is working on the packages to ship out. He has plans to work on our home-made Christmas cards this evening, too. He's amazing, I'm telling you. I don't know how I got so lucky.

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