Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Publix, 3/15 -- 99.5% savings!

What a fun, spur-of-the-moment trip!  We were on our way home from Krispy Kreme having celebrated Dianna's good report card with some free doughnuts, and I asked if we could pop in so I could check to see if they had a few items.  I left the family in the car for like 20 minutes while I "quickly" checked.  See, they ended up having the items I was checking on, which meant I had to find things to buy to cover the overage that my coupons generated.
Here's what I got:

4 Maruchan ramen (fillers) -- $.67

4 Sundown Naturals vitamin D -- $2.99 each
Used 4 $1 coupons (from a recent insert)
Used 2 $6/2 Green Advantage Flier coupons
Paid: FREE for all 4, plus $4.04 overage!

2 Loving Care Natural Instincts hair color -- clearance priced at 2 for $3.99
Used 4 $1 Publix coupons from the Save $29 one-page flier
Used 4 $2 coupons from a recent insert
Paid: FREE for all 4, plus $4.02 overage!
Thanks, Faith, for the info to make this deal work!

1 pkg. beef chunks (I love these for chili) -- $4.47 (I think they are $3.99/lb. right now.)

1 New York sliced garlic bread -- $2.50
(I think I missed a $.55 coupon that I could have used.  boo.)

Total paid: $.18
Total saved: $35.97
Percent saved: 99.5%!

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