Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spa for Cheapskates -- Honey Shine Treatment

It's been a while since we had a Spa for Cheapskates moment. And it's not because it wasn't available! This has been sitting in my in-box for AGES! Sorry, Kilika, but I don't think I'll stay caught up on anything during this crazy school year! Keep the ideas coming, and I'll get them posted, all in good time.
I'm super excited about this idea. So easy, and SOOOO cheap! I recently bought a jar of local honey for the benefit of my husband and his seasonal allergies. It was expensive -- $7 or $8 for the jar. But the teaspoon needed for this recipe? I don't think I spent more than $.03 per teaspoon. A $.03 spa treatment? Oh, yeah, that is right up my cheapskate alley. :)
I hope you try it, and I hope you have beautiful results.

Hello, fellow spa lovers! Here's this week's Spa for Cheapskates recipe that will only set you back a few cents and make your hair look brand new!

Honey Shine Treatment
1 tsp honey
4 cups warm water

Mix ingredients well.
After washing and rinsing hair in your normal method, pour honey mixture all over hair.
Do not rinse.
Dry and style as usual. You may want to leave it down though to show off your shining, healthy looking hair.
No one needs to know you didn't just walk out of a salon.

Don't forget to take time for yourself this week. Even something as small as finding a few minutes to read, or listen to some music can rejuvenate our frazzled, hard working minds. Wishing you all a beautiful week!

Love and prayers, Kilika

Hi, Barbie again. Just wanted to remind you, if you love this treatment as much I'm thinking you will, and if you want more Spa ideas before I get one back on here, visit Kilika's wonderful blog. The link above should get you there just fine. She has TONS of great ideas for spa nights, as well as recipes and other around-the-house goodies.

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