Saturday, October 16, 2010

Publix 10/16 -- 97% savings!

An AMAZING Publix trip for me today! I picked up the Green Advantage Flyer when we went in, but I noticed that it expired yesterday. I asked at the Service Desk, and the gentleman (Ty) told me they would still accept it. I don't know if all stores will still accept those coupons, but the one on University did for me this morning. The success of this entire scenario is based on that coupon, so if you can't get a store to accept it, you'll have to find another method to make this magic! One other note: we walked into Publix today with NO COUPONS IN HAND! We were just out and stopped for the fun of it.

Here's how we did:

3 pears @ $.eighty-9/lb. -- $1.09
no coupon
Total: $1.09
2 Hebrew National hotdogs-- BOGO -- $5.19 for 2
no coupon
Total: $5.19
2 EAS diet meal bars -- $1.69 each
no coupon
Total: $3.3eight
(PS -- We are doing well on our diet. Finishing week 2 now, and I've lost 9 pounds. Talani has lost an amazing 22 pounds!)
3 pkgs. Lance cookies (from the checkout aisle) -- $.69 each
no coupon
Total: $2.17
5 Vitamin D ($2 each) and 1 Vitamin B ($3.29)
Used 6 $1 peelies found on same brand products
Used 3 $6/2 from the Green Advantage Flyer
Total: FREE for all 6, plus $10.71 overage!
Total paid: $1.02
Total saved: $34.63
Percent savings: 97%

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