Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So Out of the Game!

I've been doing some Publix shopping again this week. I've been so out of the couponing game that I haven't even tried to track my savings for some time. With Publix doing their gas card deals, though, I just had to get back in it enough to get those. I haven't bought a newspaper in eons, so I don't have any valid coupons. My printer is out of toner, so I can't print those wonderful printables floating around out there. I had to rely on just two coupons per transaction: the $10/50 gas card Publix coupon in the ad and the $5/50 Apple Market coupon our stores accept as competitor coupons. I was able to keep my spending down to close to $60 per transaction and saved an average of over $20 per transaction. To those seasoned couponers out there, this is a horrible failure, but I was pleased with the savings I could get with just my two coupons per transaction. I bought many things that I needed and stocked up on some things that were on sale. I also was able to get a few things we can use on vacation. Hey, I freed up a little more vacation money to be used on other fun stuff!

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