Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy 400th Post!

Time to get back with the program! (several programs, really)  I've been so busy with school then so out of the loop with our vacation that I haven't posted anything in a really long time.  I haven't stopped couponing or anything, although I haven't done as well as I feel like I should have.  I have definitely been shopping for my needs and the needs of others rather than for what's on sale.  And is it just me, or have the Publix sales been less than desirable lately?  Anyway, we still have a few days of vacation left, and I want to get back on the bandwagon while it's easy and hope that I'll stick with it in the coming weeks.
Here are my summer resolutions:

1.  Stick to stocking up on rock-bottom-priced grocery items and the basic perishable needs (milk, eggs, bread).  Go back to a limit of $40 per week or less at Publix. (I spent $70 today.  YIKES!)

2.  Get back to following the fly lady's method of housekeeping.  I loved the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with my home while I was working on my baby steps.  I've gotten so far from that; my house is pitiful.  Please don't ask to come over, because I will have to crisis clean.  And it's in such disarray that I could crisis clean for 2 days and not get it all done.  So, back to baby steps it is.  (I feel the overwhelming urge to go shine my sink right now.)

3.  Make bread.  I really enjoyed making bread for my family last summer.  I'm thankful for the time to do it again.

4.  This one isn't a get-back-with-the-program thing, but it is something I've determined to accomplish soon.  I want to have a yard sale.  We have TONS of health and beauty aid stuff and lots of baby clothes and toys that I want to get rid off.  I have to be careful on the baby clothes part, since we've got another one on the way and don't know if we should expect a Donovan or and Audrey, but we might be able to let some things go.  And definitely a bunch of toys.  We have way too many.  Today I told Dianna and Jarod to go into their room and find 5 things that they could sell at the yard sale.  Jarod quickly brought me 5 toys that are in good shape.  Dianna cried and said that she didn't have anything she could sell because it's all special to her.  We'll see.  I guess even she can take baby steps.

5.  Now this one I have to be careful with: I need to monitor my diet better.  I can't go overboard with it since I'm carrying a baby, but I know I can do better than I am.  I have a lot of extra padding.  I wish I could direct my calorie intake to the baby while "living off the land" for my own nutritional needs.  I want to keep my weight gain as minimal as possible.  And I need to add exercise to my routine.  (Notice I didn't say MORE exercise.  That's because none exists in my current routine.) The dog might be able to help me with that.  Even taking him on a better morning walk would be good for the both of us. 

So there you have them . . . my summer resolutions.  I'm gonna go shine my sink.

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  1. You inspired me again to focus on fitness. My Fitness Pal here I come! Thanks for the inspiration.