Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tonight's Special (and Frugal) Dinner, 12/29

After watching 30 Minute Meals, Talani and I decided we wanted to try making this meal. Of course, I can never manage to make a "30-Minute-Meal" in less than an hour, although this time I came close. Probably because I made only 2 of the 4 recipes she showcased on the episode. We tweeked the recipes quite a bit to fit our tastes. For example, Rachael used watercress in the Beef Wellington pouches, and we skipped it altogether. She used bleu cheese, and we used brie. She used tenderloin, we used the $4.29/lb. cut. I still found the beef wellington to be delightfully tasty, even if the cheese mostly ran right out of the pouches in a liquid. The dill and butter potatoes were yummy.
Here's the basic rundown on the cost of this very special meal for us:
steak -- $4.29/lb -- $4.70
puff pastry -- $4.39 per box -- $2.20
brie -- BOGO for $5.99 -- $3.00^^
potatoes -- $2.49 for 5 lb -- $1.25^^
butter -- $2/lb. -- $.25
dill -- $1.99 for a small pkg -- $.20
^^On sale until 12/31.
Total: $11.60 -- Quite a high total for a homemade meal, at least for us!
And for dessert? Chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii! (Thanks, Auntie Annie!)
It was delicious, and Talani ate the leftovers for breakfast! :)

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